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STRED Cross Development Tools

Cosmic and STMicroelectronics jointly develop and support a full toolchain for the STRED architecture based on the open-source GCC compiler.

STRED is an advanced 32 bit RISC architecture with DSP and Vector extensions, up to 256 bits per operation, to be integrated into ST proprietary SoC, as single core or multi-processor unit, for a variety of computing-intensive applications. For more information about the architecture please contact .

The Toolchain includes a C/C++ Compiler tailored to take full advantage of the full STRED Instruction Set, a Simulator, and a DSP Library that can be used to get the maximum performance for DSP-oriented applications.
For information about the STRED toolchain please contact .


The C/C++ Compiler is based on gcc (v8.3.1) and is an off-branch version especially developped for STRED:
  • Supports all STRED variants
    All STRED variants (STREDL, STRED3, STRED4, STRED5, STRED6 and STRED7) are supported.
  • Support of SIMD, Vector Types and Parallel Operations
    The compiler supports the Vector capabilities of STRED6 and STRED7 and can generate code that works on parallel data (up to 256 bits on STRED7) both automatically (autovectorization) or manually (using special datatypes, directly or with the support of the DSP library).
  • Memory Operand Feature
    The compiler supports the STRED capability to use an operand directly from memory (as opposed to being obliged to read it in a register first, as with most RISC architectures).
  • BuiltIn and Intrinsics
    The compiler supports access to STRED-specific very powerful DSP instructions (like FIR for single instruction filters) via intrinscs and builtin functions.
  • ELF/DWARF Debug Support
    The compiler produces standard ELF DWARF debug formats that are used directly by the gdb and openOCD debuggers (included in the toolchain).
  • Pre-built binaries for Linux/Windows/MacOS
    The compiler can be downloaded in a ready to install package for Linux (Ubuntu v18.04 is the officially supported platform), Windows and MacOS
  • Supported by Cosmic and ST
    The binaries that can be downloaded from this website are officially supported by Cosmic and ST: if you have any issue please report it to and we will provide support (limitations can apply due to the open-source nature of the toolchain: check here (TO BE DONE) for the details.
DSP Library

DSP Library is a collection of functions that can be used to speed up your application by easily accessing the STRED special functions (like single-instruction filters) and parallelization features.

GDB Debugger

The GDB debugger (included in the package) allows to debug STRED applications either using the simulator or any evaluation hardware provided by ST).

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